viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014


NAVYA has delivered to Aena Airports -Barcelona Airport  the first module of a GIS based software tool that will allow Barcelona International Airport ("El Prat") to improve control and surveillance of potential flight obstacle in the airport surrounding area of influence.

The new GIS based application developed by NAVYA was designed to improve the control and surveillance of obstacles in the surrounding area of Barcelona International Airport, where NAVYA has been collaborating with Aena since January 2010.

The tool provides, under an easy and friendly graphical interface, a seamless platform with integrated access to: 
  • Electronic Airport Terrain and Obstacle Database
  • Obstacles charts
  • Satellite orthoimages
  • Obstacles References Database
  • Vector Cartography

 Additionally, the application, based on GIS freeware, allows, among other functionalities: 
  • Simple and complex search and queries with multiple input parameters
  • Bidirectional linkage between graphical and tabular databases
  • Data Export to multiple formats, amog other, Shape (.shp), AutoCAD (dxf), Google Earth (kml and kmz), Excel (xls), etc.

Two versions of the application have been provided:
  • One aimed to the control and surveillance of obstacle affecting the OLS (Obstacle Limitation Surfaces)
  • A second one that will help to verify that the provisions of the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), regarding licenses for the construction or installation of any new potential obstacle (buildings, cranes,  streetlights, etc)  are accomplished, in the airport area of influence.

Simultaneously with the delivery of this first module,  last March 11th,  NAVYA conducted a successful demonstration on the use of the new tool to all relevant staff from Barcelona International Airport.

The positive welcome to this new tool by the Airport Management has resulted in  fostering the development of a second module that will allow a direct assessment of obstacles, by comparing  them with the OLS.

This milestone, joins the list of  other successful tools already developed by Navya for the control and surveillance of obstacle, like: 
  • HAOS (Herramienta de Análisis de Obstáculos en Superficies Limitadoras de Obstáculos)
  • ADT

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